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sampan beach resort cox's bazar for a luxurious vacation

sampan beach resort cox's bazar
sampan beach resort -
sampan beach resort cox's bazar is actually unique vacation experience in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar, the world’s longest natural sandy ocean beach with its unbelievable 125 metric linear unit length, and most visited tourist destinations in the People's Republic of Bangladesh. it's also a modern town; well-known fishing port and a district headquarter in the People's Republic of Bangladesh. it's a district in the city Division of People's Republic of Bangladesh close to the border of Myanmar. The city is found a hundred and fifty kilometers south of Chittagong. Cox’s Bazar now's competitive to get prime for “New7Wonders of Nature”. Cox’s Bazar is actually a good place to go to for a tourist. every year a large variety of tourists come here from across the world. If you'd wish to visit Cox’s Bazar, the most effective place stay with the greatest comfort is sampan Resort.

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main gate
main gate sampan beach resort cox's bazar -

Sampan Resort is found about thirteen kilometers from Cox’s Bazar city. it's on Marine Drive, on the way to Inani ocean Beach and four kilometers south of Himchori. The Resort is found on the bank of Rizu Canal. sampan Resort is one of the most effective Resorts in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Himchori is one of the most enticing places for the guests. Journey to Himchori is also exciting as a result of the road to Himchori runs by the beautiful green hills on one side and open blue ocean on the opposite side. The scenery of the 2 sides of the road pleased all.

Sampan Resort is actually unique vacation experience in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar, the world’s longest natural sandy ocean beach with its incredible.

sampan beach resort cox's bazar - a unique vacation experience in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

sampan have four part:

samapan beach resort cox's bazar

The resort is located on a ten Katha of Beach front property overseeing the Bay of Bengal. The resort is situated on the thanks to Inani at Himchori Kakra beach on Marine Drive. simply six kilometers far from the Cox's Bazar town. it's miles away from the town crowd so that you can relax and luxuriate in your vacation.

sampan resort
sampan beach resort cox's bazar -

sampan eco resort cox's bazar

The resort is situated on three acres of Rezu Canal waterfront property overseeing the Bay of Bengal. we are set on the way to Inani at penchardwip on Marine Drive. simply ten kilometers far away from the Cox’s Bazar town. sustainability is that the only thanks to saving the planet and leave a better world for our next generation. we look forward to taking you back to your childhood memories.

sampan eco resort
sampan eco resort -

Fresh ocean Food restaurant

Great seafood menu for the food lovers, at our restaurant they provide you plenty of regionally collected fresh seafood. as expected you will love their fresh seafood dishes.

sampan seafood restaurant
sampan seafood restaurant -

Private Beach space

Sampan Resort is really a novel vacation experience in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar, the world’s longest natural sandy ocean beach with its unimaginable view.

private beach sampan resort
private beach -

Why select sampan beach resort cox's bazar?

Sampan Resort is actually a unique vacation experience in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar, the world’s longest natural sandy ocean beach with its unimaginable...

Sea view from your area

When you wake up in the morning simply look out your window, there is a tremendous ocean view of the ocean from your room.

Sunset view

You can always enjoy the sunset, whether or not you're enjoying a cup of tea or coffee at our restaurant, or lying in your bed.

Fresh seafood

When coming up with your Cox's Bazar tour, look no additional than us. fresh food lovers watch're sure a nasty surprise.

Lal Kakra Beach

This is the most beautiful beach to see the red crab space at Cox's Bazar in front of our resort.

red card cox's bazar
red carb -
Location and contract:


Sampan Beach Resort, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Sampan Eco Resort, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Phone No.
+ 8801974726726

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sampan beach resort cox's bazar (sunset view)

If you want a quiet place to fancy your vacation, sampan Sunset point is that the best place currently at Cox's Bazar. it's on Himchori Kakra beach, marine drive (way to Inani) six kilometer from Cox's Bazar town. this can be the most effective place to enjoy the sunset and hill view from over resort suite.

You can fancy our personal beach, parasailing, powerboat riding quantity of red crab at beach area before of our resort.

We have 3 storied restaurants to serve you delicious fresh seafood, B-B-Q food menus. the military camp and police station are terribly close to our resort so you may get the peace of mind to stay in sampan Sunset point.

sunset view
private beach -

Sampan Eco Resort at Cox's Bazar

Imagine having the ability to step away from fast modern life into peace and tranquility. sampan Eco Resort offers the extraordinary luxury accommodation that treads a true cultural experience far from the madding crowd. property is the only thanks to saving the earth and leave a stronger world for our next generation.

Sampan Eco Resort is regarding nine kilometers from Cox's Bazar town on the marine drive (way to the inani beach). you'll relish the best sustainable living in our ancient mud house “Clay Doom”. you'll dine at our “Sea Gem”, the simplest natural view of the sampan Lake and the Bay of Bengal.

You can additionally relish boat riding in sampan lake, fresh ocean fish nearly everyday catch by the native fisherman. The Coast Guard, BGB and therefore the Police camp are right next to our resort so your security won't be compromised.

sampan eco resort
sampan echo resort -

accommodation sampan beach resort cox's bazar for a luxurious vacation:

Couple Deluxe Room

Room Description

Our Couple Deluxe room incorporating a seven X five ft couple bed with Air Cooler, Fridge, LCD TV. The living area contains a wood floor, wood ceiling, and a spacious balcony. you'll get pleasure from the ocean view from your room directly. This room is good for Couple.


Occupancy: Couple and youngsters
Room Size: (12 X fifteen ft)
Price: 5625 taka / $71
Hot & Cold Water
Air Cooler, Fridge
Spacious Balcony
* Complimentary Breakfast enclosed

couple deluxe room
couple deluxe room -

Executive Twin Room

Room Description

Our executive Twin room incorporates a five X seven ft two bed with air Cooler, Fridge, Hot & Cold Water, LCD TV. The living area contains a wood floor, wood ceiling, and a spacious balcony. you'll be able to enjoy the sea view from your room directly. This room is special for a company executive.


Occupancy: four Adults
Room Size: (20 X twenty ft)
Bed: two bed /(5 X seven ft )
Price: 6250 taka/ $79
Hot & Cold Water
Air Cooler, Fridge
Extra two people will be added (on request)
* Complimentary Breakfast enclosed

executive twin room
executive twin room -
Superior Deluxe Suite

Room Description

Our Superior Deluxe Suite incorporates an eight X seven ft king size bed with Air Cooler, Fridge, LCD TV. The living space contains a wood floor, wood ceiling, seat and a private balcony. you'll be able to enjoy the ocean view from your bed directly. This area is right for the honeymoon couple or Family (2 adults 2 kids).


Occupancy: a pair of adults a pair of children
Room Size: (25 X twenty-five ft), King size bed (8 X seven ft)
Price: 7500 taka/ $94
Hot & Cold Water
Air Cooler, Fridge
Special seat
Individual Balcony
2 The person is often supplemental (on request)
* Complimentary Breakfast enclosed

superior deluxe suite
superior deluxe suite -

Dormitory (10 bed)

Room Description

Our dormitory incorporates a large sleeping room contains ten bed (3 X half dozen ft)/bed. you'll enjoy the impressive ocean view from your room directly. This Dormitory is right for a little cluster.


Occupancy: Single (10 people)
Bed: ten bed, (3 X half dozen ft)/bed
Price: one thousand takas/ $13
* Complimentary Breakfast enclosed

Dormitory -

accommodation sampan eco resort cox's bazar for a luxurious vacation:

Hill Kuti

Room Description

This unique Thai style home is fabricated from recycled wood from the ships. this is one of a sort villa that you would see in the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Its balcony created|is formed|is created} thus nice that you would feel terribly relaxed to sit out and have a cup of freshly made occasional. This villa is connected to our 2nd Hill Kuti. So, you'll get pleasure from a hill view from your room directly.


Occupancy: Couple (2 Couple)
Family Villa: a pair of Cottages
Room Size: lifesize Bed
Price: 5000 taka/= $64 2 house
Price: 2500 taka/= $32 single house
Bamboo Sofas
Cold water Air Cooler Spacious Balcony
* Complimentary Breakfast enclosed

hill kuti
hill kuti -

Green Paradise

This Bamboo bungalow is high the Rezu Canal and also the bush Forest. The bungalow includes a very spacious space with a bamboo bed six X seven foot with sofa. it's a spacious balcony and personal space with own gate. you'll feel relaxed seeing the shadow of the moonlight on the lake.


Occupancy: Couple and kids
Price: 3500 taka/= $45
King Size Bed
Bamboo Sofas
Cold water Air Cooler
* Complimentary Breakfast enclosed
Spacious Balcony

green paradise
green paradise -

Real Paradise

Room Description

This Bamboo cottage is high the Rezu Canal and the bush Forest. The cottage contains a very spacious room with a bamboo bed six X seven ft with a seat. it's a spacious balcony and personal space with own gate. you may feel relaxed seeing the shadow of the moonlight on the lake.


    Occupancy: Couple and kids
    Price: 3500 taka/= $45
    King Size Bed
    Bamboo Sofas
    Cold water Air Cooler Spacious Balcony
    * Complimentary Breakfast enclosed

Canela cottage

Room Description

This Bricks and Clay mixed cottage was designed uniquely. we have used plenty of unique ideas to designed this cottage. The cottage features a terribly spacious wooden floor with 6 X7 ft bamboo bed. it's most likely one of a sort conception to make a living facility in Bangladesh.


    Occupancy: Couple and kids
    Price: 4000 taka / $51
    King Size Bed
    Bamboo Sofas
    Cold water Air Cooler Spacious Balcony
    * Complimentary Breakfast enclosed

canela cottage
canela cottage -

Clay Doom

Room Description

This unique eco construct was designed by a Thai designer name “Su”. we've put tremendous effort to create this clay house as natural as attainable. we've brought in the best clay will be found in the area, we've created a piece space wherever we place the clay with water for on a daily basis subsequently ten workers would go into the pit and smash it by feet till it becomes smooth. Then they'd mix sand and rice shell for better bonding. After that, we might place the clay on dice and create Clay Block. we might then place it below the sun for drying. The goal here was to indicate to our guest that you just will live naturally if you want to. This method value United States a lot of cash compared to purchasing a brick and create a house with that. The cost accounting of every block was $1.00 compare to brick is simply 0.10. we invite you to get pleasure from the natural living with sampan Resort.


    Occupancy:: Couple and kids
    Price: 5000 taka / $64
    room Size: ( 30X30 ) foot
    Bed Size: ( 8X7 ) foot
    Bamboo Sofas
    Cold water Air Cooler Spacious Balcony to observe the sunset
    * Complimentary Breakfast enclosed

clay doom bedroom
clay doom bedroom -

Green Lobster

It is not simply a restaurant, it's expertise. we do not just treat you with a meal, we provide you with expertise. At our sampan Sunset view restaurant, you may relish the simplest eating expertise right on the beach.

You can relish the sunset whereas you're enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. you can relish your dinner at night and listen to the sound of the wave. you can relish your meal at the “Sea Gem” at sampan Eco Resort.

It is the most wonderful eating place in Cox’s Bazar. we prepare your food at an extensively clean and healthful room. you'll be able to relish fresh seafood virtually everyday cached by the local trained worker. The customized service with an exciting atmosphere can provide you with the most effective vacation experience that you simply have been waiting for a long time.

green lobster restaurant
Green Lobster restaurant -

packages sampan beach resort cox's bazar for a luxurious vacation

New Year Offer
Spring Offer For Couple 2018
Anniversary Offer 2018
Valentines Months Offer For Couple
Special Eid Package
Ramadan Special Offer
Honeymoon Package

photo gallery:

tiny shop sampan eco resort
a tiny shop sampan eco resort -

privet beach sampan beach resort
private beach for watichig sunset -

sampan restaurant cox's bazar
sampan restaurant for fress seafood -

panoramic view sampan beach resort
panoramic view sampan beach resort -

sampan boat
sampan boat for beautification -

razu canal cox's bazar
razu canal -

A short video about sampan beach resort cox's bazar 


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my best feeling in cox bazar - the longest sea beach in the world

cox bazar is the pride and beauty of Bangladeshis. Everywhere on the earth I went people would always say to visit their famous beach. Therefore, it is not right for me to make exceptions during my travels to Bangladesh. I travel through cox bazar in Bangladesh to end my journey. After a long trip to the big cities, I was waiting for the clear air of the sea for a few days. Before traveling to Cox's Bazar, I did not imagine that I can see the colonial name here.

cox bazar is not just a city but it is also a district. It consists of 8 upazilas. Upazila name is Cox's Bazar Sadar Upazila, Kutubdia Upazila, Maheshkhali Upazila, Ramu Upazila, Teknaf Upazila, Ukhia Upazila, Pekua Upazila. I know this beach is 120 kilometers long. Whatever its length, it's almost safe with a big and beautiful beach.

Cox's Bazar city, which has airports and most of the hotels, is at the top of the beach. I got the glimpse of this sea of legend after entering Cox's Bazar. It is a spacious and sandy beach in front of the hotel area. The color of the water is more than "Bengal Bain of Bay", I like to call it.

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I booked the hotel earlier. Still, I had problems finding a good room. Because then there was a holiday for Bangladesh's Independence Day. And the biggest sea level is very popular for traveling to the local people. That is why the beach was more crowded than usual. Occasionally the beach takes a penguin like something. I imagine that if an alien spacecraft came to earth, they'd come here to review our species, even as we head to Antarctic continent to review Emperor Penguins.

It seems that half of the people of Bangladesh were here. Many people were stopping me to take the selfie with me. I spontaneously agree took the selfie with them. When I go to the beach I typically spend my time walking on the water's edge, that is what the general public was doing here. It appears like I even have found my beach people. The people of Bangladesh are very friendly, absorbent and simple. The good thing concerning cox bazar is that the majority of the development is centered on one space. you merely have to walk a kilometer and also the crowd thins out fast. By then you finish up in beach cricket territory.

And on the far side, it thins out to the purpose where you have the beach to yourself. I had considered dealings a motorcycle and going intent on kilometer additional of the lineation, however, realized I was perfectly content with simply walking a couple of kilometers away from the hotel zone. a part of me needed to see each km of this beach as if to verify that it's so the longest beach in the world. Then I realized that as long as I buy a bit of solitude on this stretch of beach I don’t need to see it all.

Most of the activity on the far side the hotels are fishermen. Look out for these charming very little fishing boats. Cox’s Bazar is near the Myanmar border, although crossing has been closed for foreigners for years. One factor that was troubling regarding being here was knowing that shortly from here are refugee camps, where life isn't each day at the beach. Over half a million Rohingya refugees have poured in from neighboring Myanmar into Cox’s Bazar District.

I see KFC restaurant in cox bazar.

Like Dhaka and Chittagong, Cox's Bazar has fewer signs of globalization. A KFC stands as the only internationally recognized brand in the main beach street. Why eat at KFC although when you will get curry with a freshly-made paratha bread. At this point in my trip, I used to be hoping to find some a lot of cafes. I found one restaurant that served espresso coffee and was appropriate to do some work in.

open-air meeting area

Another good cafe is the Mermaid cafe, which is a popular expat cafe on the side of the beach. I saw more foreigners at these two cafes when in all of a week of travel in Bangladesh.  Seeing the picture here shows that it is a good place for foreigners. My guess is that most foreigners are working here, probably involved in refugee camps nearby. Rohingyas are the most oppressed nation in the world. Thanks to those who are working here. I also saw the same three American guys walking along the beach at sunset every night.

mermaid restaurant -
Apart from the foreigners in their nongovernmental organization 4WD’s there are only a few international guests here. the only flights here are from the capital of Bangladesh and Chittagong and there's no indication of an international traveler market. whereas wandering around I before long realized there were no international currency exchanges. typically beach resorts are inundated with currency exchanges. With 163 million within the country, the domestic market is definitely massive enough to sustain a tourism industry here.

The official orders here are random and arbitrary. After seven years, the suspension has been given. I do not understand what the administration did in the last six years. The bleeding is now being harmed by the beauty of Cox's Bazar.

The most famous building is the Radisson Blue Project, which is currently a concrete shell. There are many more such installations here.

There is concern about overdevelopment, that the abandoned constructions sites stand as a monument to. On the opposite hand, I'd really like it if they simply developed the crap out of town, so left the rest of the beach as is. this could be better than having the 100+ kilometers of the beach being overdeveloped.

Before they're going ahead and build a lot of hotels, a lot of work must be done on the basics. Rubbish could be a huge problem here, with people dumping rubbish in empty tons.

On the street back there is also an abundance of garbage.

And the hotel behind that backway also needs to be sealed.

Like the streets of Dhaka, Cox's Bazar only has the electric cables that are really deadly.

Given that Bangla Desh is a conservative Muslim country it’s continuously going to struggle to draw in international guests looking for a fun beach vacation.

That doesn’t mean though that it couldn’t become a world destination. If the roads and rubbished were restored, they might turn the city into a nice place to live. There are lots of missing dogs available here. that is absolutely scary. This walkway is 22km long and is an attraction in its title. Cox’s Bazar is promoted as being the longest beach in the world, thus why not provide an accessible (and environmentally friendly) thanks to experiencing it by having a broad walking and sports path. Here have so many hotel-motel restaurants with cheap rate. I was at the ocean paradise hotel in Cox's Bazar. Which is really handy and cheap.

 A train is planned from city to Cox's Bazar, and before the Rohingya crisis, there was a chat of a Bangladesh-Myanmar affiliation. My dream is to one day be ready to get the train from Bangkok to India, therefore who is aware of, maybe I will be able to be back here again in my life via a train. So I remembered poetry which is written by Bangladeshi poet.

Again I shall return to the Dhansiri's banks, to this Bengal,
Not as a man, perhaps, but as a shalik bird, or a white hawk.
As, perhaps, a crow of dawn in this land of autumn's new rice harvest,
I'll float upon the breast of fog one day in the shade of a jackfruit tree.
Or I'll be the pet duck of some teenaged girl — ankle bells upon her reddened feet —
I'll spend the whole day floating on duckweed-scented waters.
Once again I'll come, smitten by Bengal's rivers, fields, to this
Green and kindly land of Bengal, moistened by the waves of the Jalangi.  

my best feeling in cox bazar - the longest sea beach in the world

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Travel Tips to Make Your Next Beach Vacation Perfect

Have an excellent Time on Your Next Beach Vacation! do you love passing time at the beach? correct preparation will mean the difference between having a blast within the sand and sea and being miserable thanks to things like sunburns, bug bites, weather condition, etc. These standard tips can assist you to have a wonderful time, whether your oceanside stay can last a month, every week or two, a weekend, or simply every day.

Trips to the beach destinations will be monumental fun, especially after you are going to exotic locations like the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, The Caribbean, or Cox's Bazar. it's an excellent chance to create priceless memories with friends and family. Enjoying the sun, relaxation and recreational is something that we all want.

However, designing for a beach vacation is that the most significant issue you must do before heading out. And let ME tell you, no matter how much you plan you'll continually forget one issue or the opposite. But, don’t worry! I gift you 10 invaluable beach vacation tips and hacks that may guarantee your beach trip stress-free and memorable.

Overview topics:
1. select the proper beach for the type of beach vacation you want
2. sunscreen could be a must
3. Pack Light

4. always Bring a skirt
5. Pack extra undergarment
6. Pre-plan Your Outfits
7. always carry an oversized waterproof purse with you for your beach vacation necessities
8. Bring Your Own Food, Snacks, and Water and alternative Beverages.
9. Wear flip-flops or crocs within the water
10. learn the way to identify rip currents
11. Get a Travel Insurance
12. Take lots of Photos
13. Bring (and Maintain) a Positive angle. 

1. select the proper Beach for the type of Beach Vacation you want.

Do Your analysis

Do you get pleasure from lively crowds or would you rather read a book and hear the imbrication ocean waves in relative quiet? are you traveling with young kids or would you like most adult company? does one want to bring your dog on or would you preferably be somewhere that does not permit pets? does one want to avoid biting insects? does one decide to pay most of some time on the sand or in the water? does one analysis first to seek out a beach that has the kind of surroundings you may get pleasure from most.

beach vacation
beach vacation -

Check the rules concerning Your Favorite Activities

Do you need a location that's accessible by somebody with restricted mobility? does one wish to be ready to bring a grill for a cookout? stay out when sunset for a romantic moonlight walk or swim? Bring your jet-ski? Collect seashells? find out before whether whatever you would like to try and do is allowed.

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2. sunscreen could be a must

This is one thing that we are told to do each day in varied advertisements. however, it becomes imperative whereas traveling, particularly to a beach destination.
Sunscreen, nowadays, isn’t what it wont to be (thick shiny cream). you'll realize a spread of sunscreens textile your skin kind and in wonderful fragrances. High SPF is usually recommended if heading to the beach. however, in any scenario, sunscreen could be a must!

sunscreen -

3. Pack Light

We all are guilty of over packing. once packing for a vacation keep in mind the destination you're visiting. There also are several DIY packing hacks available online to assist you with. If you’re going to a beach destination, make sure to pack lightweight.

When you’re occurring a beach vacation, it's understood that most of the time you’ll pay on the beach. Packing fancy outfits and heels is not sensible as a result of most of them are ruined within the sand. most likely you won’t be carrying them. it's sensible to pack something lightweight like shorts, tank tops, maxis, etc.

light travel bag
Pack light -

4. always Bring a skirt

A skirt may be a basic piece of clothing that everybody should have in his or her closet. they're lightweight, tend to dry up quickly and are excellent for all your ‘chilling on the beach’ footage. The retailers by the beach sell them at an unreasonable worth. it's advisable to buy a skirt in advance.

beach girl with skirt
ware a skirt -

5. Pack extra undergarment

Underwears are little and don’t take much room within the bag. it's suggested to carry extra pairs just in case of an emergency. I always make sure to own lots of panties and swimsuits!

6. Pre-plan Your Outfits

Don’t be a final minute packer! At the last moment, you tend to select everything and stuff it in your bag that ends up in heavy baggage and missing out on necessary things that are essential for your trip. analysis about the place, what all places you may be visiting and pack accordingly.

Imagine yourself at that location and choose the outfit that suits the occasion best. visualization always helps!

outfit essential
outfit -

7. always carry an oversized waterproof purse with you for your beach vacation necessities

Packing up for days on the beach? Don’t forget to toss up these must-haves in your bag!

    Face Mist
    Waterproof bag for wet garments
    water bottle
    Photocopies of necessary documents

handbag for beach essential
handbag for beach essential -

8. Bring Your Own Food, Snacks, and Water and alternative Beverages.

With only a few exceptions, most beaches either haven't any food in the least purchasable or give only an awfully restricted alternative of unhealthy and expensive burgers, salty hot dogs and potato chips, and sugared soda drinks. If you are staying at a friend's house or rental a beach house that has room facilities, bring your own tastier, healthier and cheaper meals, snacks, and beverages (and, of course, various cold, refreshing water and ice in a stay-cool vacuum bottle or insulated hydration bottle).

If you don't have access to a kitchen whereas you are on vacation but your hotel room contains a little refrigerator, contemplate creating a fast trip to a local grocery or greenmarket to buy fruits, vegetables, bread, cheeses, crackers, sandwich fixings, drinking water, juices, and/or snacks, therefore, you'll pack a cooler to take with you to the beach every day. you will save cash and eat plenty better, too!

9. Wear flip-flops or crocs within the water

If you’re going for 1st time on the beach, don’t build the mistake that I made! I lost more than 2 pairs of footwear on my 1st beach trip. It’s higher to wear either flip flops or crocs on the beach so that the sand and water doesn’t stay in your shoes and spoil your favorite the of footwear.

flip flops
flip-flops -

10. learn the way to identify rip currents

While a visit to the seacoast may be jam-choked with fun, it may be dangerous. A rip current is the strongest jet of water that suddenly flows off from shore. However, it also provides visual cues for you to spot potential hazard zones before getting into the water. If you’re not a good swimmer, its best to analysis before you hit the beach.

While in water, look out for the following signs:

    Gaps between the waves
    discolored water close to the shore
    A sandbar within the water

11. Get a Travel Insurance

An unseen medical emergency will wipe out your entire savings. it's useful to possess a travel insurance to avoid any troublesome situation.
And, it’s perpetually better to travel sensible and safe!

12. Take lots of Photos

Now that you just have taken care of everything, the most necessary travel tip is to get pleasure from your beach vacation the maximum amount as you'll. Capture the moments in a way that even once 10 years it brings a smile on your face.
The last and also the most vital advice would be to click plenty of photos because they create the best souvenirs.

takes a photo -

13. Bring (and Maintain) a Positive angle.

I Saved the most necessary Tip for Last when you travel for the beach vacation

Make a commitment to yourself to relish your beach vacation regardless of whatever happens, and you most likely can. Deciding in advance to own an honest time despite what (and reminding yourself not to let forces on the far side your control spoil your enjoyment of your vacation) is that the best thanks to confirming you may have an excellent beach vacation.

see a short video for a beach vacation


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Sayeman Beach Resort Your home in Cox's Bazar

Location of  Sayeman Beach Resort is Marine Drive Road, Kolatali, Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh.

After fifty years of wonderful past, Sayeman Beach Resort revives its celebrated legacy of comfort, magnificence and impeccable service. an eminent landmark made in 1964, this legendary 1st private hotel of Cox's Bazar is converted, infusing fashionable sophistication into this vintage-chic, picture hotel at a replacement beachfront location of Marine Drive, Kolatoli, Cox's Bazar.

sayeman beach resort
sayeman beach resort -

With its richly historic past, the hotel Sayeman currently totally becomes a neighborhood of the exciting and speedily changing present with the addition of a contemporary, elegant luxury oceanfront building. the wonder of Cox's Bazar - the climate, the broad ocean views, the sandy beaches, plus the wealthy culture and history along with the warmth of the sun - is what attracts individuals here. and the Sayeman Beach Resort provides you specifically just that with extraordinary comfort, luxury, and services.

Sayeman Beach Resort, the illustrious way destination offers 228 guest rooms, as well as sixteen Panorama Ocean Suites with 180-degree view of the Bay of Bengal, thirty eight Ocean view suites overlooking the luxurious time pool, an exclusive portfolio of leisure and entertainment experiences and over 20,000 sq ft. of enlarged event space that features many meeting rooms, executive boardrooms, breakout space, a grand dance hall, a multipurpose halls and versatile indoor and out of doors event areas.

Soak up the sun and the beach action at this prime oceanfront building in Cox's Bazar's most attractive beaches. Sayeman Beach Resort permits you to relish the breathtaking ocean view, beaches, surfboarding & water sports, Thai spa, fabulous feeding, and exceptional event venue. there is such a lot to discover and it's all steps away.


Sayeman Beach Resort: Cox's Bazar's Best formation Living

Sayeman Beach Resort features 228 fantastically designed rooms and suites with beautiful hill and ocean views. select your ocean view from 2 spectacular options: 2 bedroom Panorama Ocean Suite; Oceanview Junior Suite. they're all fantastically appointed with a modern article of furniture, central air-con, hot water, flat screen TV, High-Speed web. bathrooms are elegantly appointed with luxury fittings. large coated balconies provide panoramic views of the Bay of Bengal and therefore the indirect hills.

Guest Rooms

Modern and Tropical accents. comfortable bed with luxury linens. Elegantly-detailed toilet furnishings. Settle in, unwind and indulge yourself with the posh and scenic view from your area.
Complimentary advantages

Airport pick up Shuttle Service
Welcome Drinks on arrival
Complimentary Breakfast at Casablanca restaurant
2 five hundred mil Bottles of native mineral water in room daily
One native Daily Newspaper in room daily
Use of our fitness center
Use of our eternity natatorium for an hour
Use of Wi-Fi web Service throughout the hotel premises

Panorama Ocean Suite

A luxurious a pair of the bedroom set good for family & friends with the 180-degree view of worlds longest unbroken beach. The ceiling height window from the front room provides you a superb chance to indulge with Sun, Sand & Sea.

Room Amenities

#1500 Sq. ft
#2 Bedroom, 2.5 Baths, Living/Dining 180-degree Ocean view with 2 giant balconies
#giant main bedroom with King Size Bed, giant restroom with bathing tub & Shower dominating the ocean
#Guest chamber with 2 bed
#Full kitchen with bar

panorama ocean suite -

Junior Suite

A suit with an extra meeting space keeps your vacation uninterrupted. All our suites are decorated with an impressive view of the attractive sea view of the Bay of Bengal.

Room Amenities

#1000 Sq. Ft
#One Bedroom, 1.5 Bath, Living/Dining Ocean view with 2 spacious balconies
#King Bed, giant restroom with luxury fittings

Infinity sea view

Offering a generous five hundred sq. feet of area, time ocean view Rooms have a King bed for a refreshing and restful night’s sleep. Rooms have a spacious balcony that opens to a pool read and time ocean view

Room Amenities

#500 Sq. Ft
#Single room with one spacious balcony
#King Bed, bathroom with luxury fittings

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Super Deluxe

A 475 sqft room with fashionable ornament and everyday amenities will be an ideal getaway with a luxurious sight of Bay of Bengal.

Room Amenities

#475 Sq. Ft
#Single room with one spacious balcony
#King or bed, bathroom with luxury fittings

sea view suite -


Restaurants & Bar at Sayeman turns up the warmth on cookery glamour. Dine, drink and chill at our fabulous feeding destinations, all overseen by our team of cookery professional lead by internationally experienced cook & his team. Savor artistic cocktails and delectable dishes at our four can't-miss Sayeman restaurants – Casablanca restaurant, Surfside cafe, YuMe infinity Pool cafe, and Sunset Bar & Grill.

Along with nobility food, you'll sip cocktails by the sea in one of the simplest seaside bars Cox's Bazar at Sunset Bar & Grill. you have got an alternative of sitting by the extended deck overlooking the ocean and ocean beach or sit within a comfy atmosphere taking note of live music. If you're within the mood of holding yourself lose on the flooring then you want to visit and dance to the DJ's beat at the Carnival Lounge.

Casablanca restaurant

Casablanca restaurant with Moroccan style impressed interior at Sayeman invitations you to experience the style of an international menu from native food delicacies to European cuisines. The restaurant options varied international cuisines and ancient native flavors.

Breakfast : 7:30am-10:30am
Lunch : 12:00pm-3:00pm
Dinner : 8:00pm-10:30pm

YuMe infinity Pool cafe

Embark on a delicious cooking adventure while not deed the water's edge. Before or when a swim in our beautiful infinity edge pool, Sayeman guests and residents are invited to savor lightweight cooking at our YuMe Pool restaurant, that includes AN assortment of special salads, seafood, grills, cut of meat Frites and American Classics like hamburgers, pizzas and additional.

Open Time : 10:00am-10:00pm

Surf Side Café -

Surf facet restaurant

Overlooking the ocean from the comfort of the restaurant sofas and chairs you'll be able to sip on your cappuccino or coffee whereas taking very little bites from our delicious pastries and cakes baked freshly at our own store. whereas look the surfs you can also try our several flavors of ice cream, recent juices from exotic fruits, soft drinks, and snacks.

Open Time : 9:00am to 10:30pm

Sunset Bar; Grill

As the name of the bar suggests you can view unobstructed most lovely sunsets sitting within the evening at the extended bar deck overlooking the beach and also the ocean. we have a tendency to welcome you to immerse into the relaxed elegance of the Sunset Bar & Grill. By night, moods elevate and music embraces as delicious tapas and Asian tiny plates are paired with world beer, wine, whiskey, and brandy choices, still as artistic cocktails with an Asian twist. whether or not for an alcoholic beverage, eating experience al fresco or evening among friends, The Sunset Bar & Grill presents a chic scenery for regardless of the day or night could bring. fancy live music by the native band and house DJ spinning lounge music each Thursday through Saturday, 8:00 pm to midnight.

Nautilus personal dining

If you're searching for a really exclusive fine eating with silver service, we are able to provide you with the Nautilus personal eating, which might accommodate a dinner program for up to fifty individuals. Nautilus personal eating is an exclusive personal eating event room wherever you wish complete privacy and exclusivity with a specialized fine feeding menu for your guests.


A vacation currently days are a mix of leisure and activity. One will get relaxed and enjoy the calmness in our lavish eternity pool, a nerve-soothing spa or one will get pleasure from the beach with kite fly, hearth show, ocean surfing. select your own vacation at Sayeman Beach Resort and revel in your keep and discover Cox's Bazar in your own approach.

infinity pool
infinity pool -

The gorgeous Infinity Pool overlooking the ocean awaits

The infinity pool on level four has the most gorgeous view of the ocean as you'll be able to view the large ocean over the edge of the pool providing you with a sense that you simply are right in the middle of the ocean. whether you're there to swim, enjoy a sunbath or to relax with a cocktail and dine at our YuMe restaurant, you are bound to have a rare time. during this paradise of pools and palms, the waters at The Setai, metropolis inspire repose. we provide 3 magnificent azure, temperature-controlled pools, and our beachfront property is poised just steps from the white sand and turquoise waters of South Beach. whether or not you select to pay your vacation by one of our 3 pools or at the beach in front of the hotel, our service can elevate your expertise. you can also be enjoying refreshments in our courtyard, or within the feeding pods, accented by the serene water pool

Lifestyle gymnasium

Be a daily gymnasium lover or not you'll be able to get pleasure from a fast calculate session within the life-style gymnasium at the poolside. the luxury of personal Steam suites to stimulate after exercise relaxation.

The Beach

A beach will heel everything. Nothing soothes a soul sort of a WALK ON THE BEACH. you'll be able to take a protracted walk or run within the morning to refresh your soul.

Beach Surprise

To create a mesmerizing memory with friends and family fireplace display performance by locals are often organized upon request for your group. Surprise your favorite ones by making an expression on the beach.

Marco Polo Games room

Enjoy the wonder of the world's longest beach together with your friends on a game of billiard at Marco Polo Games Rooms.

Share your idea to surprise your group or partner with us to form an unforgettable vacation at Sayeman Beach Resort.


Marina Ballroom

Marina dance hall is 4200 sq.ft grand ballroom utterly appropriate for MICE and personal functions. It will accommodate up to 900 participants in theatre style and 450 in banquet style.

marina ballroom
Marina Ballroom -

Carnival Hall

A 2500 sq.ft banquet hall with a fashionable and comfortable interior with a glimpse of the ocean. AN extended open deck will provide you with an area to fancy the breeze of the sea-coast.

Wave & Tides Meeting room

Waves and Tide 2 meeting rooms with the capacity of most fifty and most eighty participants decorated & equipped for the executive board meetings with the room set up with multimedia system and projector appropriate for any official coaching, discussion session or meeting.

Drift Meeting room

We provided with decoration with the capability of 20-25 individuals for little conferences, break sessions, and team building activities.

Business Center

Sayeman Beach Resort absolutely appreciates that through our business guests is also away from their workplace, they ne'er absolutely leave their work behind. Our Business Center is open 24-hours daily to confirm the convenience of your work even once you maybe nations away.
Our available facilities are:

surfing in beach
surfing in the beach -

 laptop workstations
 net and email capabilities
 Color and B&W printers
 Binding and lamination work
 Audio Visual rentals
 postal services

Beach recreation Services:
    1.     Jet Ski - available currently.
    2.     Kayak - available currently.
    3.     Surf Board - available currently.
    4.     Beach Bike - opening shortly.
    5.  pitch Board - opening shortly.
    6.     Hobbie Cat - opening shortly.
    7.  twelve traveler RIB - opening shortly.
    8.     Beach Bicycles - opening shortly.

See a video about sayeman beach resort:

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