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Kutubdia beach in Cox's Bazar with nice view

Kutubdia beach

Kutubdia Sea beach is the main attraction of Cox's Bazar:

Kutubdia's shoreline is around 16 kilometers in length north-south. A large portion of the regions are very single. The voyagers have not been told. Periodically there is anglers business. Some place along the shoreline, there is a line of jaugach. Another primary component of the Kutubdia beautiful sea beach is that there is a ton of gungchil wandering around there. On the event of isolation, some place in the shoreline some red crab groups wander around boldly. Kutubdia shoreline is the perfect place to see nightfall scenes.

The largest wind power plant is here:

The biggest wind control station in Bangladesh is situated in Kutubdia. Around one thousand kilowatts limit control plant has been worked at the southern end of the sandy sea beach, Ali Akbar's Dell region. Not to be tragically trying, the country's largest air control plant must be seen.


A lighthouse that was worked in Kutubdia quite a while prior to demonstrate the method for the mariners of the nautical ship. The old beacon (lighthouse) was broken down in the ocean long back. Be that as it may, while as yet falling, the remnants of the beacon are in some cases seen to wake up.The lighthouse that was worked in the old lighthouse territory presently demonstrates the route for mariners. The situation of the present light is a long way from some separation toward the north by the sandy sea beach in the Barghora advertise.

Qutb Awali Darbar is main attraction of Cox's Bazar in kutubdia island:

Durbar Sharif of Qutb Awali in Dhurang zone of the island. The author of this court, Shah Abdul Malek al-Qutbabi Born here in 1911. He kicked the bucket on 11 February 2000. Consistently a huge number of aficionados visit their yearly commemoration (7 Falgun). It is said that Kutubdiyar was named after the predecessors of Qutb Awaliya. His child Shahjada Sheik Farid is as of now accountable for the Kutub Sharif court.

Salt cultivation:

Salt is cultivation in Kutubdia arrive in winter. Amid this time, you can see that agriculturists are occupied with salt development in the fields. There are progressively and less salt developed all through the island. In any case, most salt fields are in Tabela Char, Kaiser Bill, Ali Akbar's Dell. Here are the different systems of salt cultivation in natural ways. its the main attraction of Cox's Bazar.

how to go there?:

Kutudia will go to Cox's Bazar transport. from Dhaka go to Cox's Bazar, Sohag Transport, T.R. Ventures, Green Line Transport, Hanif Enterprise, St. Martin's Transport, and Saudia Paribahan AC Bus. Lease than 1 thousand 7 to 2 thousand 5 hundred takas. Besides, the charges for non AC transport, transports of S Alam, Saudia, Shyamoli, Unique, Eagle and so on range from 6:30 to 800 taka.

These transports should ride on the Chittagong-Cox's Bazar course, before the Inani Resort. From that point, go to CNG-worked babytexis Magnma Ghat. fare per person is Tk 35. The save took two hundred rupees. From the Magnamma Ghat to the Kutubdia Channel, the motor water crafts or speedboats ought to be crossed.

Engine boat takes 20 to 25 minutes, rent 15 to 20 taka. The speedboat takes 10 minutes, the rent is 60 taka. Kutubdia can cross the channel.

Where to stay for a night:

The hotel is the main extravagance convenience for sightseers on the island of Kutubdia. Ocean magnificence can be delighted in at this luxiour, the excellence of the ocean. The two AC rooms of the inn were rent for Tk. 1000 and Tk. 1,200 for four persons. Contact: Hotel Sea Lounge, Bargha Bazar, Kutubdia. mobile 01819647355, 01720868647.

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popular tourist spot of Cox's Bazar is shah parir island 


Cox's Bazar Surf Club Resort is a Beautiful Resort

The best hotels in cox's bazar is cox's bazar surf club resort.

Cox's bazar surf club resort is situated near Cox's Bazar sea beach. not the only popular beach in Bangladesh but also the largest sea beach in the world.

Location: Sea Inn beach point, 4700 cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

The most effective method to get the opportunity to Cox's Bazar Surf Club resort from Cox's Bazar Airport by a taxi or personal car. There is a long parking area available for your personal vehicle. On the other hand, free parking is available.

anyone can request for an airport shuttle. But paying an extra charge.

This surf club resort is a 1-minute stroll from the shoreline. Arranged on the beachfront in Cox's Bazar, Cox's Bazar Surf Club includes a private shoreline territory. This 3-star resort offers free WiFi. Visitors can appreciate the ocean views. At the resort, each room accompanies a work area. With a private washroom outfitted with a shower and free toiletries, rooms at Cox's Bazar Surf Club additionally offer a garden see. At the convenience, rooms accompany a seating region.

Breakfast is accessible every morning and incorporates mainland, Asian and halal choices. Visitors can get something to eat in the on-location eatery, which serves British food. For this reason, this hotel is the best hotels in cox's bazar.

Cox's Bazar Surf Club offers a youngsters' play area.

A business focus and candy machines with beverages are accessible on location at the resort. Staff at the 24-hour front work area can give tips on the zone.

Most popular and flexible facilities are available Cox's Bazar Surf club resort: wifi rooms service parking
5.beach view
6.airport shuttle breakfast for every guest

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popular tourist spot of Cox's Bazar is shah parir island

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Cox's Bazar main tourist city of the Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar
Cox's bazar
Cox's Bazar Sea Beach is the world's longest unbound beach which is fully sandy. Cox's bazar sea beach not only the most attractive tourist spots for Bangladesh but also the largest and most beautiful sea beach in the world. Seventy-five miles (120 Kilo miters sandy ocean shoreline with a delicate slop).

It's the Tourism friendly city and tourist capital of Bangladesh. so many people came here from the different country. Because this sea beach is secure for every body. There is a shark free beach. Suitable for bathing, swimming and sun bathing. The large number of local tourist & foreign tourist come here to spend their weekend in Cox's Bazaar. It is famous for its long natural sandy sea beach with deep water in front. This huge water is called bay of Bengal. Cox's Bazar Sea Beach has been at the top of the world for the second time in 2000, by the private-owned organization "New Seven Wanderers Foundation", Switzerland's natural new Seven Wonders.The accessibility of more recreational offices is pulling in more vacationers consistently.

 Cox's Bazar main tourist city of the Bangladesh:

Today we know this city which is name is Cox's Bazar. It's a popular name. But some local people called this city is panowa. It has an older name is palongkee. The front line Cox's Bazar gets its name from Captain Cox (passed on 1799), an officer serving in British India. Cox's Bazar is a small town but its going to be large.In any case, the characteristic magnificence of the town is exceptionally beguiling. The atmosphere of this place is fine. The Bay of Bengal lies on its south. There is an exclusive expectation traveler focus at this place. There are great game plans for the stay of the visitors of various nations of the world. Numerous outsiders result in these present circumstances put. The general population of the place is exceptionally delicate. A considerable measure of fish is accessible there.

Cox's Bazar have so many popular tourist spot of Bangladesh:

Cox's Bazar sea beach
Kolatoli beach
Laboni beach
Inani sea beach
Sonadia beach
Shaha parir island
Maheskhali island
Aggmeda khyang monastery 
Dulahazara shafari park cakaria
St. martin's coral island
for this reason Cox's Bazar main tourist city of the Bangladesh.

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popular tourist spot of Cox's Bazar is shah parir island

popular tourist spot of Cox's Bazar is shah parir island

Shaha parir dip is the main attraction of Cox's Bazar:

We are traveling to Cox's Bazar and St. Martin's very frequently. Cox's Bazar is the world's largest beach which has unbroken sand. The island of St. Martin is our only coral island which is the popular Bangladeshi tourist place. Between these two beautiful tourist spot, the island of Shah porir dip ( dip means island) can shake you up with different travels feelings.

Area and its population:
When Bangladesh did not gain independence, that time the size of Shah parir Island was about 15 kilometers long and 10 kilometers in width. At present, it is small, length is 4 kilometers and width is 3 kilometers.

Today, please take a plan to travel in Shah parir Island, Guarantee, do not be frustrated. Separate travel plans will not be required for Shahporir Island. With your Cox's Bazar Trip, you can add an extra day to Shahparir Island and Teknaf. Going out of Cox's Bazar in the morning, you can see here in Teknaf. Adivasi Para and Pahari Guha. Rohingya Slums can also be seen by you. Then you will see mathin's coup in the heart of the city of Teknaf. Take mid-day meal at Teknaf. Then go to Shaha parir Island. you can go to CNG in the dry season. you need to go to the boat during the rainy season. it takes an hour. Here you will see the horizontal edge of the salt in the center of the highway.

what things see this popular tourist spot of Bangladesh:

See the life of a fisherman and his family. You will see that when the tides come in the sea, the trees here slowly sink in the waistline water. You can see the launch stand here. It is located here on the edge of the world's largest sea beach, Badarkoqam. There is a small island called Golar chor. Chor means is a mini island. When the tide comes, they are almost separated from the main island. There is a house on the edge of the Gola Chara and it is full of a foggy shelf. The red gorgeous marine crab will see the small holes in the house tied on the beach. If you see them they will be lost in the eyes of the sand, deep in the sand.

you fell luxurious we see shaha parir island in Cox's Bazar:

There are three beaches on the seashore on the island of Shahparir. What do you want? What do you think if you really love the island? There is no problem. There is a government bungalow.

If you have previously contacted or shown suitable reasons, it will be the night shelter. There is a restaurant in front of Bangalow. Here you can find food with marine fish. If you want to buy fresh fish from the fishermen and give them to the hotel they will cook. Why don't people go to Shahparir Island when having so much benefit? It is said that Shahparir Island was buried under the famous of Cox's Bazar and St. Martin's Island.

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Cox's Bazar main tourist city of the Bangladesh

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