Cox's Bazar main tourist city of the Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar
Cox's bazar
Cox's Bazar Sea Beach is the world's longest unbound beach which is fully sandy. Cox's bazar sea beach not only the most attractive tourist spots for Bangladesh but also the largest and most beautiful sea beach in the world. Seventy-five miles (120 Kilo miters sandy ocean shoreline with a delicate slop).

It's the Tourism friendly city and tourist capital of Bangladesh. so many people came here from the different country. Because this sea beach is secure for every body. There is a shark free beach. Suitable for bathing, swimming and sun bathing. The large number of local tourist & foreign tourist come here to spend their weekend in Cox's Bazaar. It is famous for its long natural sandy sea beach with deep water in front. This huge water is called bay of Bengal. Cox's Bazar Sea Beach has been at the top of the world for the second time in 2000, by the private-owned organization "New Seven Wanderers Foundation", Switzerland's natural new Seven Wonders.The accessibility of more recreational offices is pulling in more vacationers consistently.

 Cox's Bazar main tourist city of the Bangladesh:

Today we know this city which is name is Cox's Bazar. It's a popular name. But some local people called this city is panowa. It has an older name is palongkee. The front line Cox's Bazar gets its name from Captain Cox (passed on 1799), an officer serving in British India. Cox's Bazar is a small town but its going to be large.In any case, the characteristic magnificence of the town is exceptionally beguiling. The atmosphere of this place is fine. The Bay of Bengal lies on its south. There is an exclusive expectation traveler focus at this place. There are great game plans for the stay of the visitors of various nations of the world. Numerous outsiders result in these present circumstances put. The general population of the place is exceptionally delicate. A considerable measure of fish is accessible there.

Cox's Bazar have so many popular tourist spot of Bangladesh:

Cox's Bazar sea beach
Kolatoli beach
Laboni beach
Inani sea beach
Sonadia beach
Shaha parir island
Maheskhali island
Aggmeda khyang monastery 
Dulahazara shafari park cakaria
St. martin's coral island
for this reason Cox's Bazar main tourist city of the Bangladesh.

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popular tourist spot of Cox's Bazar is shah parir island

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