Kutubdia beach in Cox's Bazar with nice view

Kutubdia beach

Kutubdia Sea beach is the main attraction of Cox's Bazar:

Kutubdia's shoreline is around 16 kilometers in length north-south. A large portion of the regions are very single. The voyagers have not been told. Periodically there is anglers business. Some place along the shoreline, there is a line of jaugach. Another primary component of the Kutubdia beautiful sea beach is that there is a ton of gungchil wandering around there. On the event of isolation, some place in the shoreline some red crab groups wander around boldly. Kutubdia shoreline is the perfect place to see nightfall scenes.

The largest wind power plant is here:

The biggest wind control station in Bangladesh is situated in Kutubdia. Around one thousand kilowatts limit control plant has been worked at the southern end of the sandy sea beach, Ali Akbar's Dell region. Not to be tragically trying, the country's largest air control plant must be seen.


A lighthouse that was worked in Kutubdia quite a while prior to demonstrate the method for the mariners of the nautical ship. The old beacon (lighthouse) was broken down in the ocean long back. Be that as it may, while as yet falling, the remnants of the beacon are in some cases seen to wake up.The lighthouse that was worked in the old lighthouse territory presently demonstrates the route for mariners. The situation of the present light is a long way from some separation toward the north by the sandy sea beach in the Barghora advertise.

Qutb Awali Darbar is main attraction of Cox's Bazar in kutubdia island:

Durbar Sharif of Qutb Awali in Dhurang zone of the island. The author of this court, Shah Abdul Malek al-Qutbabi Born here in 1911. He kicked the bucket on 11 February 2000. Consistently a huge number of aficionados visit their yearly commemoration (7 Falgun). It is said that Kutubdiyar was named after the predecessors of Qutb Awaliya. His child Shahjada Sheik Farid is as of now accountable for the Kutub Sharif court.

Salt cultivation:

Salt is cultivation in Kutubdia arrive in winter. Amid this time, you can see that agriculturists are occupied with salt development in the fields. There are progressively and less salt developed all through the island. In any case, most salt fields are in Tabela Char, Kaiser Bill, Ali Akbar's Dell. Here are the different systems of salt cultivation in natural ways. its the main attraction of Cox's Bazar.

how to go there?:

Kutudia will go to Cox's Bazar transport. from Dhaka go to Cox's Bazar, Sohag Transport, T.R. Ventures, Green Line Transport, Hanif Enterprise, St. Martin's Transport, and Saudia Paribahan AC Bus. Lease than 1 thousand 7 to 2 thousand 5 hundred takas. Besides, the charges for non AC transport, transports of S Alam, Saudia, Shyamoli, Unique, Eagle and so on range from 6:30 to 800 taka.

These transports should ride on the Chittagong-Cox's Bazar course, before the Inani Resort. From that point, go to CNG-worked babytexis Magnma Ghat. fare per person is Tk 35. The save took two hundred rupees. From the Magnamma Ghat to the Kutubdia Channel, the motor water crafts or speedboats ought to be crossed.

Engine boat takes 20 to 25 minutes, rent 15 to 20 taka. The speedboat takes 10 minutes, the rent is 60 taka. Kutubdia can cross the channel.

Where to stay for a night:

The hotel is the main extravagance convenience for sightseers on the island of Kutubdia. Ocean magnificence can be delighted in at this luxiour, the excellence of the ocean. The two AC rooms of the inn were rent for Tk. 1000 and Tk. 1,200 for four persons. Contact: Hotel Sea Lounge, Bargha Bazar, Kutubdia. mobile 01819647355, 01720868647.

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