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We know that the world's longest continuous, a natural sandy beach is located in cox bazar of Bangladesh. This beach is one hundred and twenty miles kilometers long from the city of cox bazar to Badormokam. It is the largest tourist center of the country.

cox bazar
sunset in cox bazar beach -

The horizon of the vast sandstone, the black rows of the Jawbone, the festivals with the waves, boats and trawlers thrown on the beach, the sun coming out like a thornback from the back of the east, and the sun-riddling sun-rays in the evening, Cox bazar, the longest continuous beach in the world, is composed on the east coast. If you plan to travel anywhere in the country, it may be seen that the name of cox bazar comes first. Not only domestic tourists but also thousands of tourists visiting the beach every year from a foreign country. It is seen that due to lack of proper information and due to a beautiful travel plan, many of us do not succeed in Cox's Bazar tour. In view of that aspect, we have been trying to highlight the details of how a successful Cox's Bazar can be visited in this episode ahead of Eid. Cox's Bazar distance from Chittagong city is 152 km and distance from Dhaka is 414 km. Getting to Cox's Bazar from the capital Dhaka and on the airways. The marine drive of the beach is an extraordinary road. The entire place will be fascinated by this route as far as you go. On one side the mountains and the sea on one side will be seduced. If you visit Cox's Bazar, it will be worth mentioning that the sights that will give you a glimpse of:

kalatoli and Laboni Beach in cox bazar: 

Due to being close to the district town, the Kalatoli and Laboni beach is considered to be the main attraction for the tourists. The distance between these two points of the beach is just fifteen minutes. Shoppers can wait for the tourists, except for the shiny market, which is located in Laboni Point. And there are many restaurants on the beach, where you can enjoy a pleasant sunset while drinking a mug coffee.


Marine Drive is situated 18 km south of Cox's Bazar. The main attraction here is the green hills and the other fountain. Another attraction on the way from Cox's Bazar to Himchari is the green mountain standing on the left side of the road and the continuous wave of water from the blue water channel on the right. During the monsoon season, the water of the Himachharra is more alive and alive. There is also a resort on the hilltop, from which the vast ocean of blue water is easily seen.

marine drive road -

Inani Beach: 

Inani Beach, one of the attractive areas of long beach cox bazar. Its distance from Cox's Bazar is 35 km. This amazingly charming beach is known day by day as a favorite place for tourists. We know that the water of Cox's Bazar beach is a bit dirty or whey, but Inani is considered to be the best spot for the sea bath in tourists due to clear water. During the tide, there are many coral stones in the sea.

Dulhajra Safari Park:

It is the first Safari park in Bangladesh. The size of the park is 2,224 acres in the hills. The location of Safari Park, 35 km north of Cox's Bazar city. According to official data, the conservation and reproduction of extinct and rare species of wildlife are being done here. Dulhazara Safari Park has become an attractive place for tourists to entertain. Here are a few thousand species of animals from different species.

St. Martin's and Rodadip is the main tourist attraction in cox bazar : 

Saint Martin, a small island on the Bay of Bengal about 120 kilometers south of the district. Its area is about 8 sq km. From Cox's Bazar, go to Teknaf through local buses or jeeps and go to St.Martin from C-truck or Trawler, which is usually transported from there. It takes time to go to Teknaf from one to one to one hour and from there it takes about two hours to go to St. Martin in the sea. The island is an island located in the south of Bangladesh. In the 40-minute trawler from St. Martin, and during the tide, it is possible to go to the tropical island. It takes one to two and a half hours to walk.

Maheshkhali and Sonadia Islands: 

Long ago, a tremor washed away from the mainland of the district in this tremor. Maheshkhali's distance from Cox's Bazar is 12 km. It takes 40 minutes to go to a speedboat. One of the country's dry shoots processing area is located in Maheshkhali. Here are the wetlands and paraben. In the winter season, there is a large gathering of birds. Apart from this, the Adinath temple is situated on the top of the hill. Sonadia is an isolated island that is completely separated from Maheshkhali. The size of this dip is 7 km wide in width 2.5 km. Sonadia has a unique beachfront beach. Keya-Nishina banyan, a small canal with a parrot in the seafront island. There are more diverse species of hyacinth birds. There are many red beans on this beach.

Buddhist Monastery or Math Ashram: 

This place, known as Agameeda Khaing Ashram, is one of the most important places of Cox's Bazar. Nearly four lakh Buddhist holy places of the Chittagong Hill Tracts including Cox's Bazar have a holy place. It's location at the entrance to the city. In the shade of a long-shaped tree, the Math Ashram is standing with a serious image. The Buddha's extraordinary portraits are engraved in many old wooden columns. It has preserved many ancient manuscripts and bronze statues of Buddha.

One of the centers of Buddhism, Ramu: 

Ramu, the nearest Upazila of Cox's Bazar. Local remains still remain as the backbone of Buddhism. The monument here is preserved in Banarasram Buddha statue of Emperor Ashok. Apart from this, many temples have many Buddhist statues. There are precious stones, bronze, gold-colored statues. Six feet high is placed in the guarana Gautam Buddha's thirteen feet long Braj Murte. To date, it is the largest statue of the Buddha of the Brawn in Bangladesh. The side of Buddha's 100 feet long sleeping murta is built in north Mithachari Banwihar.

a woman walk-in beach alone -

Other notable tourist sites in Cox's Bazar include Burmese Bazar, Shotki Bazar, Light House, Mahsingdogi Buddhist Khang, Mathin Kunda, Badar Mokam Mosque, Shrimp Projection Area, Fisheries Landing Station, Salt Production and Processing Area, Kann Rajar Tauranga, Kutubdia Island Lighthouse, Shahpur Island, Teknaf Shapala sea beach etc. Jeep or Chad Car can be rented for traveling. Local buses or bi-directional vehicles can be used to move away. Speedboat or trawler reliance on travel to Maheshkhali and other islands. Aside from sightseeing in Cox's Bazar, there are many arrangements for horses, speedboats, water bikes, motorbikes, and surfing in the beach.

how to go for cox bazar:

For those of us who plan to go to Dhaka from Cox's Bazar, there is also a bus facility along with a bus. Apart from this, going to Chittagong by train and going to Cox's Bazar bus. From Dhaka to Cox's Bazar bus it takes about ten to twelve hours, 50 minutes on the plane. There are two types of AC / Non AC buses. AC / non-AC rental for buses is 800-1500 taka. There are many buses available daily from Dhaka.

Notable among these are: St. Martin's Transport (01711321143, 01711666109), Green Line Transport (01730060004, 01730060071), Sohag Transport (02-9311177), Shyamoli (0-900331, 02-8034275, 01716-9421154), S. Alam (01813- 329394, 02-9331868), Hanif (01713402671, 01713402670), Saudia (01919654935, 01919654858), TR Travels (01911863673, 01910-760004. Many trains, including Chittagong Mail, Tuvanishitha, Golden Express, Mahanagar Gadholi, were left from Dhaka for Kamlapur and Chittagong.

The communication between the airlines is Bangladesh Biman (02-8901600, 02-8901730-44), NavyAir (13603, 02-9871891-2, 01755656660-1), US Bangla (01777777788, 01777777899, 01777777900), Regent Air Wage (02-8953003) ), United Airways (09606445566, ext. 542-48, 02-8932338, 02-8931712). Under the class, Dhak-Cox's Bazar-Dhaka return ticket is available from 10 to 12 thousand takas, but there are many offers of discounts from various airlines around this year. In that case, the rent is much lower.


Currently, there are many hotels in the Fever category to stay in Cox's Bazar. The number of hotels and resorts in Forster and Thrissur or the equivalent is not less. Most of the hotels near the beach are of good quality. Hotels and resorts are located at the Colatali and Laboni Point. Several hotels have been built to stay in nearby areas. Apart from this, there are echo resorts. The rent of the room, according to peak and off-peak, varies from season to mid-season. From September to April of the year pickup and May to August are considered off-peak times. Discounts are available for up to 25-50% in hotel and classrooms for off-peak hours. There are a number of common-quality hotels at a distance from the beach. the best hotel in cox bazar is:

Seagull hotel
Mermaid Ecoresort
Sea crown hotel
Cox's Bazar surf club resort 
Ocean Paradise


We know every hotel has its own restaurant, where the cost of food is relatively high. In most hotels, breakfast is included in the breakfast room rent, which is complimentary. If you want to do anything outside lunch and dinner then there is no worry because there is a sufficient number of restaurants here. The number of restaurants located on Calatali Road is more. Zhaban, Live Fish, Coal, Potty, Stone Forest, Tauranga, Kosamban, Panakauri, Niribili Orchid Club and Restaurant, Mermaid Cafe and Divine Sea Stone are one of the Cafes. All types of food are available from different seafood fish, meat, bharta-bhaji, dried fish with rice in the mentioned food places. It is important to know prices before ordering food. To enjoy the beauty of the sea and the sunset in the afternoon, along with the food, there are plenty of restaurants in the coastal beach.

mermaid resturant
mermaid restaurant cox bazar -

Note: First, to know the weather forecasts before going to Cox's Bazar. Secondly, there is an incidence of death due to bathing in the sea water every year. These happen mainly due to lack of awareness and awareness. There are several secret canals from Laboni Point to Kalatali beach. Due to inevitability, most of the tourists fell in the ditch and later died in the canal. Therefore, while refraining from bathing on the beach should be avoided. In that case, following the safety checkpoint signal, you can stay away from danger if you go to Gosail on the beach. The red and green flag was lifted according to the time of the tide and the tide. Bathing during the green flag is safe. Life jackets can be kept as necessary. Coral is usually sharp. So, walking on the coral in the beach of Inn and St. Martin, carefully take a walk. For the sake of keeping the beach environment safe and biodiversity safe, it is the responsibility of everyone to refrain from any type of rubbish and non-remunerative items such as polythene, plastic bottles etc.

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