Cox's Bazar beauty queen city in the world

Cox’s Bazar World’s longest natural ocean beach:

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1. Cox’s Bazar may be a seashore city, a fishing port and district headquarter in Bangladesh, is understood for it’s wide and Long Beach that is taken into account because of the world’s longest natural sandy beach. The beach in Cox’s Bazar is unbroken one hundred twenty-five kilometers sandy ocean beach with a delicate slope.

2. Cox’s bazar It consists of eight Upazilas, 27 wards, sixty-seven Union Parishad and 975 villages. Upazilas: Cox’s Bazar Sadar, Chakaria, Ramu Ukhiya, Teknaf, Kutubdia, Pekua, and Maheshkhali. Population: seventeen lacs fifty-seven thousand three hundred twenty-one individuals

3. Past history In 1799 the East India company appointed captain Hiram Cox to rehabilitate the Arakanese Refugees. On arrival there, he defeated the Burmese king during a battle and restored the Refugees . after the war he started a market in this place that was referred to as Cox’s Bazar after him.

4. traveller attractions: The flamboyant town at the head of a one hundred twenty kilometer city with lines of fancy outlets on either sides of Cox’s Bazar main road ,calm and peaceful Khyangs and Pagodas , Rakhine quarters , fish harbour of Kostura ghat , the sights of the rising sun and setting of it into The Bay of Bengal – all at once provides the aura of a fairyland – a traveller paradise.

5. Laboni beach: Laboni beach is that the main beach of Cox’s Bazar. it's the nearest sea beach to the city. Inani beach Inani beach is found thirty-five kilometers south of Cox’s Bazar main city. it's famous for its golden sand and clean water.

6. Himchari: Himchari is found about eighteen kilometers south to the Cox’s Bazar main city. it's famous for its water. St. Martin’s Island the only coral island In Bangladesh. it's a popular tourist spot in Bangladesh.

7. Teknaf A romantic old-world town within the southern tip of Bangladesh territory probing the Myanmar high hill ranges across the river Naf. Moheshkhali AN island within the Bay within the northwestern direction of Cox’s Bazar.

8. Sonadia it's regarding seven kilometers far from Cox’s Bazar main city and regarding nine sq. the kilometer in space. Ramu a tiny low Buddhist village Ramu is fifteen kilometer far from Cox’s Bazar city. World biggest Buddhist temple is located in Ramu.

9. Transport Transport classes : #By air #By road #By train

10. Accommodation: There are six massive hotels, thirty medium hotels and fifty semi medium hotels for the accommodation of tourists.

Best hotels in Cox's Bazar is:

Hotel Seagull
Mermaid Eco Resort
Cox's Bazar surf club resort
Hotel Sea Crown

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