Dulhazara Safari park, cox's bazar a Charming Place to Visit

Dulahazra park is located in Dulahazara, Chakaria, Cox's Bazar of Bangladesh. that is also called Dulhazara or Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib safari park. It's around an hour of road journey from Cox's Bazar district. This park includes natural plants and few of animals (inside as a zoo). only the Elephant and the hippopotamus are placed in open places. The parking space is around nine sq. kilometer. right away the park has animals from one hundred sixty-five species. Main attractions from the park are the Black bears, Peacocks, Crocodile, Wild elephant, hippopotamus, Tiger, Lion, Python, etc. I've liked the white peacock once I was there.

why this is popular tourist spot of Bangladesh:

There are 2 choices for you to get pleasure from the Dulhazra safari park. One is that the transportation facility of the park itself, and a different one is by your own feet. I have used the primary one, however, I believe walking would be the most effective enjoyment for this safari park. using transport you have got a restricted time for another of the spots. however, while walking there's no limitation. also, you'll take your own vehicles with you by paying fees to the safari park authority. That case you have control over your timing to check, of the animals.

There are many attractions within Dulhazra safari park. once coming into inside the park you'd realize the flower assortment section and a museum. each is equally engaging. subsequently simply a while ahead you'd have a cage of monkey (that I do not like), and a cage of python. After that, you have to use vehicles (or walking).

To me, another attraction of the park was the white peacock and also the Indian peacock. each is equally lovely. The Indian peacock is that the colorful one and extremely bright, whereas the white one is that the rare one (kind of novelty). That was my first time to see a white peacock in my life. thanks to the Dulhazra safari park. There are other birds are available just close to the peacock's cage. you may spend lots of time around the birds. Most of them are colorful and not from Bangladesh.

After that, I have moved  towards the elephants and hippopotamus that are in an open place. They weren't threatening for the tourists. I actually have watched them from the far. Also, there are tigers, lions, and bears within the zoo for you. If you haven't seen them before then it might be a pleasant expertise for you.

There is a tower offered around tenth floored. If you'll get at the highest of the tower you'd enjoy the large ocean of green plants around you. it is a beautiful view from the highest of the tower. The rising could be a bit ho-hum but after rising many hundreds of stairs, you'd realize the scene around you're heavenly.

How to go Dulahazara expedition park:

This park is found at Chakaria Upazila in Cox’s Bazar district with around 2,224 acres of the area (9 sq. km2), around 107 kilometers off from Chittagong port town. From Dhaka, you must take the bus about to Cox’s Bazar and reach the Chakaria Upazila in Dulahazara Union. The park is close to before the Dulahazara bus stand. Also, from Cox’s Bazar, you'll rent Zeep or another available vehicle to achieve the park.

Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar are linked by road. You can take a bus from Dhaka to reach Cox’s Bazar. Some of the bus services are listed below for your assistance:

1. Green Line
Contact: 0341-62533

2. Hanif Enterprise
Contact: 0341-64170

3. Shamoli Paribahan
Contact: 0443449934

4. Shohag Paribahan
Contact: 0341-64361

5. S Alam Paribahan
Contact: 0341-62902

6. Shah Bahadur
Contact: 01678064880

7. Saint Martins
Contact: 01726520095

where to stay:

Cox's Bazar is that the most busiest traveller destination from Bangladesh. There are various hotels around the town which can accommodate many thousands of tourists. search for the list of best hotels in Cox's Bazar here. once visiting the Dulhazra park it'd be wise to stay in Cox's Bazar city.

The park itself protects a large variety of wild elephants that are native to the area. within the safari park, there are domesticated elephants that are available for a ride. different animal attractions include lions, Bengal tigers, crocodiles, bears, noticed deer and lots of varieties of birds and monkeys.

Since the park was made hospitable the general public, it's been drawing a huge crowd all year spherical — 6,000 guests daily during peak season (November to March) and 2,000 guests daily during off season (April to October).

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