The opportunity to travel to Cox's Bazar in NovoAir by paying a monthly installment.

Private NovoAir has announced an attractive package of Cox's Bazar tour by paying a monthly installment fee. To give this facility, 18 private banks of the country and eight five-star hotels in Cox's Bazar have made a deal with them. The information was released in a news release sent by NavoAir.

It is said that under the new offer of NovoAir, the monthly minimum at Cox's Bazar will be Tk 1,777. Travel will be two nights of three days. Package prices include NovoAir tickets, Hotel rentals, Airport access to the hotel, car facilities for breakfast, morning walks and other amenities. Customers of 18 banks with NovoAir will be able to pay the package for six months free-of-charge. 

Under the package, Cosbazar nisorgo Hotels and Resort, Windy Terrace Hotel, Palace Paradise Hotel and Resort, Sea Gull Hotel, Hotel The Cox Today, Long Beach Hotel, Simon Beach Resort and Royal Tulip. 

NovoAir currently operates four flights daily in Cox's Bazar. There is a plan to increase the flights on these routes in the winter schedule, it said.

Cox's Bazar has so many popular tourist spots of Bangladesh:

Cox's Bazar sea beach
Kolatoli beach
Laboni beach
Inani sea beach
Sonadia beach
Shaha parir island
Maheskhali island
Aggmeda khyang monastery 
Dulahazara safari park cakaria
St. Martin coral island

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saint martin island is a beautiful coral island of Bangladesh.

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