Sexy Naomi Campbell says, I'm not an icon

naomi campbell

Supermodel Naomi Campbell does not think she is an icon.

The 49-year-old supermodel is honored at the British Fashion Council on Monday (02.12.19) wherever she will receive the award for Fashion Icon and though she is "blessed" to be thought of, Noemi does not believe she is an icon.

She said, its a prestigious honor for me. everybody wants to earn this honor. I do not consider myself an icon however I respect and am very honored to receive and blessed that they contemplate me to be one. will it come with age and the way several years? possibly, right? therefore is that the word icon related to age? Is it? Is it for longevity?"

The supermodel and role player insist she simply likes what she will.

Supermodel Naomi told media "I'm not trying heart and soul to compete with any actress or model, I similar to what I do and I do not do an equivalent factor a day, therefore, it is a little bit of a mix-up and that I like it that approach."

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Meanwhile, Noemi antecedently admitted that while she has been within the industry for many decades, however, says she's never had a "strategy" once it involves her work and says her biggest tip is simply to create positive people "take time out" for themselves.

She added: "I don't have a technique. I'd work, so I'd not work. You'd see me, so I would disappear and do one thing else and come back. that is, however, I've essentially kept ... that is been the approach of my path. I'd never quit, I'd simply take time out. and that I think you have to require time out for yourself in life, period, you've got to travel and do the things you want to do."

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