The country's first tourism park will be on the Jaliya island in the Naf river mouth, cox's bazar

tourism park, jaliya island

The country's first specialty tourism park is being developed around the island of Naf River Jaliya. The country's first Specialized Tourism Park is being built around Nayap River Jaliya Island with the scenic beauty of hills and rivers. The process of transforming this island of 291 acres of land into international standard tourism parks has begun. Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority (BEJA) is setting up this tourist center as part of the master plan to build 100 special economic zones (SEZs) in the country. Beja wants to make the island useful for the island in 2018 Beja.

The authorities have planned to organize five-star hotels, hanging bridges, 9.5 kilometers of cable car networks, resorts, floating jetties, child parks, eco-cottages, oceanic, water restaurants, floating restaurants, and entertainment plans in the park. Executive Chairman Paban Chowdhury told BSS that Naf Tourism Park will be the first tourist park in Bangladesh, which will unveil new horizons in the entertainment world and there will be healthy entertainment arrangements.

If the successful completion of the tourism park, he will create employment opportunities of about 20 thousand people directly or indirectly, he said. Paban Chowdhury expressed hope that construction of a hanging bridge by 2018 and land development works will be completed in the current year. The Executive Chairman of Beja said that Naf Tourism Park will give a full-fledged tour to local and foreign tourists. He said that better infrastructure would be kept here than the entertainment facilities in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Paban Chowdhury said that there is a plan to invest up to Tk 25 billion in the development of Naf Tourism Park. Note that for the probability of Naf Tourism Park's feasibility study last year, Beja, a German-based company named Uniconstalt, It has been said that at least 25 lakh tourists will be traveling in Cox's Bazar in the year 2019-20. At least 30 percent of them will go to Naf tourism park.

Recently, on the island of Jaliya, there are trees that are being planted to increase sophistication. Electrification work started. Apart from this, Beja has given the contractor to start the land development work. The construction of the dam around the island has been completed. This tender will be called soon.

The island of Jailia is 456 kilometers from Dhaka and 185 kilometers from Chittagong. But the distance from Cox's Bazar Airport is 60 kilometers. It takes an hour to go to Saint Martin's Island from this island. The island of Jaliya is situated in the middle of the Naf river. On one side of Myanmar, on the other side of Netong Hills of Bangladesh. Longtime influential people on this island used to cultivate fish. But now it has been released. Now a bridge has been built for going to this islands. With 80-kilometer marine drive (world-class road), from the Kalatli town of Teknaf to Sarbang in the city of Cox's Bazar, tourists can reach Naf Tourism Park by enjoying the waves of the sea and enjoying the beauty of the mountains.

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