my best feeling in cox bazar - the longest sea beach in the world

cox bazar is the pride and beauty of Bangladeshis. Everywhere on the earth I went people would always say to visit their famous beach. Therefore, it is not right for me to make exceptions during my travels to Bangladesh. I travel through cox bazar in Bangladesh to end my journey. After a long trip to the big cities, I was waiting for the clear air of the sea for a few days. Before traveling to Cox's Bazar, I did not imagine that I can see the colonial name here.

cox bazar is not just a city but it is also a district. It consists of 8 upazilas. Upazila name is Cox's Bazar Sadar Upazila, Kutubdia Upazila, Maheshkhali Upazila, Ramu Upazila, Teknaf Upazila, Ukhia Upazila, Pekua Upazila. I know this beach is 120 kilometers long. Whatever its length, it's almost safe with a big and beautiful beach.

Cox's Bazar city, which has airports and most of the hotels, is at the top of the beach. I got the glimpse of this sea of legend after entering Cox's Bazar. It is a spacious and sandy beach in front of the hotel area. The color of the water is more than "Bengal Bain of Bay", I like to call it.

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I booked the hotel earlier. Still, I had problems finding a good room. Because then there was a holiday for Bangladesh's Independence Day. And the biggest sea level is very popular for traveling to the local people. That is why the beach was more crowded than usual. Occasionally the beach takes a penguin like something. I imagine that if an alien spacecraft came to earth, they'd come here to review our species, even as we head to Antarctic continent to review Emperor Penguins.

It seems that half of the people of Bangladesh were here. Many people were stopping me to take the selfie with me. I spontaneously agree took the selfie with them. When I go to the beach I typically spend my time walking on the water's edge, that is what the general public was doing here. It appears like I even have found my beach people. The people of Bangladesh are very friendly, absorbent and simple. The good thing concerning cox bazar is that the majority of the development is centered on one space. you merely have to walk a kilometer and also the crowd thins out fast. By then you finish up in beach cricket territory.

And on the far side, it thins out to the purpose where you have the beach to yourself. I had considered dealings a motorcycle and going intent on kilometer additional of the lineation, however, realized I was perfectly content with simply walking a couple of kilometers away from the hotel zone. a part of me needed to see each km of this beach as if to verify that it's so the longest beach in the world. Then I realized that as long as I buy a bit of solitude on this stretch of beach I don’t need to see it all.

Most of the activity on the far side the hotels are fishermen. Look out for these charming very little fishing boats. Cox’s Bazar is near the Myanmar border, although crossing has been closed for foreigners for years. One factor that was troubling regarding being here was knowing that shortly from here are refugee camps, where life isn't each day at the beach. Over half a million Rohingya refugees have poured in from neighboring Myanmar into Cox’s Bazar District.

I see KFC restaurant in cox bazar.

Like Dhaka and Chittagong, Cox's Bazar has fewer signs of globalization. A KFC stands as the only internationally recognized brand in the main beach street. Why eat at KFC although when you will get curry with a freshly-made paratha bread. At this point in my trip, I used to be hoping to find some a lot of cafes. I found one restaurant that served espresso coffee and was appropriate to do some work in.

open-air meeting area

Another good cafe is the Mermaid cafe, which is a popular expat cafe on the side of the beach. I saw more foreigners at these two cafes when in all of a week of travel in Bangladesh.  Seeing the picture here shows that it is a good place for foreigners. My guess is that most foreigners are working here, probably involved in refugee camps nearby. Rohingyas are the most oppressed nation in the world. Thanks to those who are working here. I also saw the same three American guys walking along the beach at sunset every night.

mermaid restaurant -
Apart from the foreigners in their nongovernmental organization 4WD’s there are only a few international guests here. the only flights here are from the capital of Bangladesh and Chittagong and there's no indication of an international traveler market. whereas wandering around I before long realized there were no international currency exchanges. typically beach resorts are inundated with currency exchanges. With 163 million within the country, the domestic market is definitely massive enough to sustain a tourism industry here.

The official orders here are random and arbitrary. After seven years, the suspension has been given. I do not understand what the administration did in the last six years. The bleeding is now being harmed by the beauty of Cox's Bazar.

The most famous building is the Radisson Blue Project, which is currently a concrete shell. There are many more such installations here.

There is concern about overdevelopment, that the abandoned constructions sites stand as a monument to. On the opposite hand, I'd really like it if they simply developed the crap out of town, so left the rest of the beach as is. this could be better than having the 100+ kilometers of the beach being overdeveloped.

Before they're going ahead and build a lot of hotels, a lot of work must be done on the basics. Rubbish could be a huge problem here, with people dumping rubbish in empty tons.

On the street back there is also an abundance of garbage.

And the hotel behind that backway also needs to be sealed.

Like the streets of Dhaka, Cox's Bazar only has the electric cables that are really deadly.

Given that Bangla Desh is a conservative Muslim country it’s continuously going to struggle to draw in international guests looking for a fun beach vacation.

That doesn’t mean though that it couldn’t become a world destination. If the roads and rubbished were restored, they might turn the city into a nice place to live. There are lots of missing dogs available here. that is absolutely scary. This walkway is 22km long and is an attraction in its title. Cox’s Bazar is promoted as being the longest beach in the world, thus why not provide an accessible (and environmentally friendly) thanks to experiencing it by having a broad walking and sports path. Here have so many hotel-motel restaurants with cheap rate. I was at the ocean paradise hotel in Cox's Bazar. Which is really handy and cheap.

 A train is planned from city to Cox's Bazar, and before the Rohingya crisis, there was a chat of a Bangladesh-Myanmar affiliation. My dream is to one day be ready to get the train from Bangkok to India, therefore who is aware of, maybe I will be able to be back here again in my life via a train. So I remembered poetry which is written by Bangladeshi poet.

Again I shall return to the Dhansiri's banks, to this Bengal,
Not as a man, perhaps, but as a shalik bird, or a white hawk.
As, perhaps, a crow of dawn in this land of autumn's new rice harvest,
I'll float upon the breast of fog one day in the shade of a jackfruit tree.
Or I'll be the pet duck of some teenaged girl — ankle bells upon her reddened feet —
I'll spend the whole day floating on duckweed-scented waters.
Once again I'll come, smitten by Bengal's rivers, fields, to this
Green and kindly land of Bengal, moistened by the waves of the Jalangi.  

my best feeling in cox bazar - the longest sea beach in the world

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