the largest brothel in the world is sonagachi

Sonagachi is the darkest region in India. Because here is situated the world's largest brothel. Prostitution is viewed poorly in society. The women of India are very sexy and beautiful. Their needs are huge in the world. Sheiks, especially in Saudi Arabia and the The United Arab Emirates, prefer them as beds.

Sonagachi is India's largest red-light district. 

Its space contains many hundred multi-story brothels and a calculable over 13,000 sex employees. Sonagachi is found in North Kolkata close to the the intersection of Chittaranjan Avenue and Shobhabazar with Beadon Street, regarding one km north of Kolkata's Marble Palace space.

history: the largest brothel in the world

Sona Gachi suggests that 'Tree of Gold'. As per scholar Mr. PT Nair, throughout the first days of the town, the world was the den of an infamous Muslim dakoit by the name of Sanaullah, who lived here along with his mother. On his death, the bereft girl is alleged to own detected a voice returning from their hut, saying, “Mother, don’t cry. I even have become a Gazi”, then the legend of Sona Gazi started. The Sona Gazi was reborn into Sonagachi. see more about sonagachi click here.

Unknown facts about the largest brothel in the world

1. Sonagachi is India's largest 'banned village'. About more than 13,000 sex workers live here.

2. According to legend, once the area was owned by a Muslim cleric called Sanaullah or Sona Ghazi. That Gazi shrine is still in the area.

3. A large proportion of the sex workers in Sonagachi come from Nepal and Bangladesh.

4. The number of Bengali sex workers is gradually decreasing in Sonagachi. The majority of Nepalese, Rajasthani and 'Agrawal' are nowhere.

5. A one-night 'bliss' in Sonagachi can cost between 300 rupees to 10,000 rupees. Such variations in remuneration are rare in any other 'forbidden village' in India.

6. Sonagachi sex workers are mostly known in the world of their profession under the pseudonym.

7. Not all sex workers at Sonagachi are forced to go into this profession under scarcity or under pressure. Many come voluntarily in this profession.

8. A project called 'Sonagachi Project' was launched in 2012 to ensure condominiums were approached by sex workers.

9. As part of this project, an organization called Durbar Mahila Samyad Samiti was formed in the year 1992 with the aim of protecting the interests of sex workers. At present, the membership of this organization is about 65 thousand.

10. In 1880, the play 'bisshalila' was written by the unknown author. The context of the play was Sonagachi. Since then, much literature has been written in the context of Sonagachi.

11. Knowing about children living in Sonagachi, Briskey and Rough Kaufman produced the documentary 'Burn Into Brothels: Calcutta Red Light Kids'. The film won an Oscar for Best Documentary in 2004.

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