The Best Famous Asian Actresses in Hollywood

Hollywood in the best place for Asian actresses. Talent could be a nice radical as people from completely different cultures and backgrounds come together to make something that we love as an audience. this can be most likely the explanation of why we have seen several actors from everywhere the planet flourish in Hollywood. Actresses of Asian descent have starred in films of varied genres from comedy to action and every musical. These Asian or East Asian actresses have gone ahead to win Academy Awards similarly. Here are our prime five Asian actresses of all time.

Lucy Liu

Born in America, Liu is of Chinese descent. Lucy Liu has been a part of standard TV series like Ally McBeal and Elementary. aside from that, this pretty talented Asian actress has been a part of Hollywood films like the Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels, Kung Fu Panda franchise, among different films.

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang was born and raised in China and has not created an honest name for herself by appearing alongside widespread actors like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in rush hour two. Ziyi was conjointly a part of the engrossing drama Memoirs of a geisha girl.

Tia Carrere

Carrere is an actor of Chinese, Filipino and Spanish descent, who was born in Hawaii. Carrere was a section of hit TV series like General Hospital and Curb Your Enthusiasm. She additionally marked in films like Wayne’s World, True Lies, and Lilo.

Michelle Yeoh

Yeoh hails from Malaysia and has marked in character flick Tomorrow ne'er Dies. She has conjointly marked in Supercop, huddled Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Star Trek: Discovery and also the latest hit Crazy wealthy Asians.

Maggie Q

A daughter of a father with Irish/Polish roots and a Vietnamese mother, Maggie Quigley was born and raised in the state capital, Hawaii. Q has marked in action films like Mission Impossible: III and Live Free or endure. apart from entertaining people, this Asian actress is an animal rights activist.

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